Chongwe River Camp

Set on the western bank of the Chongwe River, which acts as the boundary to the National Park this is a wonderful camp and a personal favourite of mine. Its location on the smaller tributary just a few hundred meters up from the confluence with the main Zambezi River adds to its attraction. I always think it adds a certain amount of intimacy to the camp to be able to see the other side of the Chongwe which at this point is probably just 50mts across as opposed to being on the main course of the Zambezi River really is a large and on occasions quite daunting river.

There are 9 standard tents spread along the bank of the river, they are modest when compared with some other tented camps but comfortable none the less with outside bathrooms behind. The cost of this camp is one of it’s most attractive features, because there are only a few camps in the Park or its immediate environs the prices have steadily increased over the years making the Lower Zambezi an expensive destination, Chongwe and a couple of its neighbours bring this wonderful destination within the grasp of some guests that may otherwise not have afforded to see the area.

There are two suites at Chongwe, the Albida suite with 2 rooms and the Acacia Suite with just 1 room, these are priced a little more expensively but they really are quite stunning suites on a par in my mind, with anything you will find throughout Zambia. Guests staying in the suites have the option to eat either in the privacy of their suite or at the main dining area with other camp guests. There is a pool at the main camp and the two suits each have small plunge pools.

The camp is open from the 1st of April through until mid November and is just 15 minutes drive from Royal Airstrip.