Tena Tena

Set in the less frequented Nsefu Sector of the South Luangwa National Park on the eastern bank of the main river, Tena Tena is regarded by many as Robin Pope Safaris’ flagship camp. It was re-sited in 2012 to a location a brief distance from the site it had occupied since 1990, along with a new location came new tents and a completely fresh feel to the camp. The old camp could have been accused of being a little tired in its later years but the new Tena Tena is, in my opinion, one of the Luangwa’s finest tented camps, and is not likely to disappoint.

There are 6 tents hidden away under shady trees all looking out across the sand-bank towards the main river. The Tena Tena tents are custom designed and plenty spacious enough, the beds are set high and are very comfortable indeed. There is an en-suite bathroom and dressing room and one gets the feeling that all those little extras that some camps may forget or neglect have been though of and laid on for your comfort and enjoyment.

The game in the area around Tena Tena is usually very good, there are several large lagoons close to the main river and these, with their associated dambos and groves of ebony and mahogany, give rise to a high carrying capacity. This dwindles somewhat as you move away from the Luangwa River and the large Mtanda Plain, just in-land from Tena Tena with its largely infertile clay soils, whilst being an interesting feature is not that good for game-viewing. There is a large herd of as many as 40 Eland that frequent the area close to Tena Tena, this is unusual for the Luangwa and always a great treat. As with anywhere in this valley, where you have an abundance of the more general species you also find plenty of leopard and you ought to see your fair share when staying at Tena Tena.