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Zambian Ground Handlers

Zambian Ground Handlers was established in 2009 in order to provide a much needed service and to fill the gap between the travel trade around the world and the various Zambian safari operators.

We are the only independent ground handling company that specialises exclusively in Zambia. Our independence means that we are happy to book any camp in the country, our experience allows us to always recommend the itinerary that we believe will best suit your client's criteria.

We have a transparent pricing policy ensuring that we are competitive in the market, we aim to provide the services that we do at no additional cost to those that book their Zambia through our office. We specialise in providing a safe, reliable one stop shop for Zambian tourism.

Meet the Team

How We Work

We understand what is expected in today's commercial and inter-connected world and we aim to respond to all enquiries in as complete a manner as possible within just a few hours.

We advise on which destinations and camps to include in an itinerary and provide line-by-line, itemized costings for each itinerary we present. Connections are carefully worked out and we will book scheduled or charter planes to ensure that guests move from one part of Zambia to the next with ease. We have a sister company based at Lusaka Airport to oversee all arriving, transiting and departing passengers, they also handle all our Lusaka road transfers. We request regular up-dates from safari camps reporting to us on how guests are enjoying their trip, this way we can usually foresee and react to any potential problems.

When an itinerary has been booked by Zambian Ground Handlers we want you to feel confident in the knowledge that everything has been thought of ahead of time. Between ourselves and our partners in the camps around Zambia guests are in the best possible hands throughout any stay in Zambia.