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Nick Aslin

I arrived in Zambia in 1992 to work with Norman Carr, at that stage I knew next to nothing about Africa, wildlife or tourism, I guess things have changed somewhat since then. After a couple of years under Norman’s wing he asked me to run his company for him, Norman Carr Safaris is Zambia’s oldest and most established safari company and I jumped at the chance. Months turned into years, my wife and I moved out of the bush to Lusaka and by 2009 I realised that I was eager for a change of perspective.

Having been involved in all aspects of Zambian tourism for so long I was keenly aware of the lack of any independent ground handling company that specialised in Zambia. Several companies offered ground handling services, high among them was Norman Carr Safaris but each of these companies had a natural bias towards their own camps.

Zambia to me has always been a country of innumerable opportunities and I was thrilled to find a niche in my particular market and my particular field of expertise that needed filling.

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Maggie Mwale

I studied Tourism and Travel at college in Lusaka and have subsequently backed that course up with two relevant correspondence courses. On leaving college I moved to Mfuwe to take up a position in the reservations department at Norman Carr Safaris. Living in the bush was an eye-opener for me and I loved my 5 years at NCS but I have always been a city girl at heart and have been hankering after the lights of Lusaka for some time now.

When I heard that Nick was planning to set up Zambian Ground Handlers I had no hesitation in asking if I could join his new venture. I miss my old life in the bush and I miss waking in the dead of night to an elephant outside my room or a lion calling in the distance but Lusaka treats me well, I married in 2012 and my husband and I have built a lovely home together.

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William Banda

I have spent most of my life living on the periphery of the South Luangwa National Park, tourism and wildlife have always been my passions. The co-existence of human and wild lives, the conflicts caused by having elephants and lions in one’s garden have always been of interest to me and I believe that I’ve grown to understand the larger positives of tourism.

In the mid 90’s I aspired to be either a Lawyer or a journalist – law because I wanted to speak and to protect the voiceless; and journalism because of my love for words and writing, however things turned out somewhat differently when in 1996 I joined Norman Carr Safaris. It was a privilege and great honour to have worked with the legendary Norman Carr before he passed on, he was a fountain of knowledge, a mentor and a great inspiration to me.

After 15 years in the offices at Norman Carr Safaris I joined Nick in his new venture and have been with Zambian Ground Handlers since 2010. In my career I have enjoyed numerous administrative and managerial roles but I’m happy to have chosen and now be focusing on sales and reservations. I am proud to be a key part of the small team that is Zambian Ground Handlers and I thrive on the challenges it presents me with on a daily basis.

I have explored the fabulous camps in this country; Kakuli, Mwamba, Old Mondoro, Busanga Bush Camp, names that conjure up images of wilderness and amazing wildlife. I have excellent first-hand knowledge of the various camps that we book in Zambia and an understanding of how best to compile itineraries throughout the country.

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Nosizi Mwase

I have always been fascinated by how uniquely different we are as individuals, our different languages, cultures and expectations intrigue me, what better way to explore these differences than by individually tailoring dreams and plans and turning them into an experience of a life time.

Stemming from a lifelong interest in travel, I pursed a course in tourism and travel at college in Lusaka and later backed that up with International Air Transport Association (IATA) qualifications.

After college I worked with ‘Destination Zambia’, a logistics, travel and marketing management company as a consultant for 4 years, here I tailored domestic and international travel solutions for specific corporate clients and I found this a great introduction to the industry.

I am privileged to be working now with an amazing and inspiring team at Zambian Ground Handlers. I truly enjoy the challenges and also the satisfaction that comes from knowing that expectations have been met.

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Evie Bwalya

My tourism career began when I completed a course in Hospitality Management at college in Lusaka. Towards the end of my last year on this course I was fortunate to be one of the students selected by Wilderness Safaris to enter their Management Training Scheme. Before long I was managing camps and moving around Zambia to the different areas in which Wilderness Safaris had camps; Livingstone, South Luangwa and Kafue National Parks. I also spent a season working in Mana Pools, Zimbabwe which gave me a chance to learn the dynamics of a different region, its wildlife and culture.

Working in the bush was an incredible learning experience and this helped me to a better understanding of what guests seek in their travels to Africa.

After a few years in the bush it was time for me to consider life back in the city, fortunately this coincided with a planned expansion of the team at Zambia Ground Handlers and I was offered a job. Although now entirely office based it is a privilege to work with a team of professionals who work with a great focus to deliver unique and enjoyable journeys.

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Dani Rose

I have always loved wildlife, Africa runs through my blood. I was born in Zimbabwe but have lived a number of years in Zambia and each and every day I find something new and incredible about this country. Although I have a BA degree in Creative Brand Communications, I find every day I’m moving towards the tourism and wildlife industry.

To be able to work with incredible people, places and camps has been an absolute privilege and I’m incredibly lucky to be in the position that I am.

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Gerald Nyirenda

Born and brought up in the Eastern Province of Zambia, I aspired to be a journalist. However things turned out differently when in 2002 I joined Remote Africa Safaris.

It all developed from here and the rest has been like a whirlwind. In 2005, John & Carol Coppinger directors at Remote Africa Safaris gave me a chance to study a course in Tourism in Lusaka and upon completion I worked for them in the reservations office. At the end of 2006, I joined Robin Pope Safaris.

After 11 years at Robin Pope Safaris, I joined Zambian Ground Handlers in May 2018 and I am very proud to be part of such a knowledgeable sales and reservations team.