Amanzi Camp

This camp was completed in 2015 and opened properly in 2016, it was originally the small sister camp to Anabezi Lodge but since 2021 has been separately owned and is now a stand-alone camp. 

The important thing to note about Amanzi is that it can only be booked as a full, exclusive camp, there are 8 beds and whilst you don’t have to fill them all you do have to pay for them.  Prices are on a sliding scale so for group of 6 – 8 guests the rates are quite reasonable.

There are 2 standard tents with the 3rd unit comprising 2 separate tents that are joined by a small walk-way cleverly designed as a family unit that can just as easily be used as 2 completely separate rooms.

The tents are large and well appointed, each one on wooden decks running along a raised bank of the channel so they all have great views of the water in front and the island opposite. The camp is open from the start of May through until mid-November, children 8 years and over are welcome, access is either by scheduled flight into Jeki which is an hour’s drive away or by charter flight into Kulefu strip which is adjacent to camp.

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