Busanga Bushcamp

Set on a palm island in the northern part of the Busanga Plains this is lovely little bush-camp. The camp was originally sited here in the mid 90’s and has changed relatively little since.

There are 4 standard high roofed tents under thatch with bathrooms incorporated behind, each has an unspoilt view of the plains that surround the camp.

There is a small modest central area but it fits in very well as nothing about this camp is over the top. The Busanga area of the Kafue is very special, and this camp is located in the heart of the Plains, access is by air flying into the recently re-located Busanga Airstrip which is toward the bottom of the Plains.

The game is very interesting up here in the northern part of the Kafue, it is one of the very few places that one might spot cheetah in Zambia and the numbers of Lechwe and Puku are impressive, the Busanga pride of lions spend much of their time in close proximity to camp.

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