Busanga Plains Bushcamp

Mukambi Lodge operates this small bush-camp in the northern part of the Busanga Plains, the transfer from Mukambi is about 5 hours although it would also be possible to fly into the Busanga airstrip and drive across the plains from there. In my opinion the road transfer, whilst being much cheaper, also offers one the ability to fully appreciate where you are, some stretches of the drive through the Park are not too interesting but I would still recommend this mode of transfer although my thought is that you should only plan the road transfer one way, preferably on your way into camp.

The camp comprises 4 tents positioned on a lovely palm island close to where the Lufupa river emerges from its Papyrus swamps and onto the plains themselves. This is a beautiful area littered with Lechwe and Puku, Lion are common and this is one of the few areas that you may get to see cheetah.

This is camp is definitely a good option for anyone visiting this very special corner of the Kafue National Park. Unfortunately the plains themselves are flooded for part of the year make the camp inaccessible so this camp is only open from mid July through till early November.

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