Chikoko Trails Camps

Remote African Safaris operate 2 bush-camps – Chikoko and Big Lagoon on the west bank of the Luangwa River just up-stream from Tafika. The area is beautiful walking territory, made all the more enjoyable by the fact that there are no roads in the area at all, everything is walked in and out of the camps, guests walk in and out and no vehicle activities are possible. 

Chikoko Tree Camp is situated 8km upstream of Tafika. As the name suggests the 3 twin chalets are raised above the ground, within the tree canopy. This enhances the view of the acacia grove in front of camp where a constant array of wildlife activity unfolds throughout the day. Big Lagoon Camp has 3 chalets imaginatively constructed of thatch and natural materials–delightfully simple and perfectly comfortable. It overlooks what was once a large impressive lagoon over the years it has become more and more remote from the main river system and now dries up fairly early in the season. 

Although these camps can of course be booked separately from Tafika I would not imagine that this was very common ideally a couple of nights at Tafika would be complimented by 3 or 4 nights exploring this area on foot. 

Although Tafika is open from the beginning of May till the end of November these walking bush-camps are operational only from 1st June through till the end of October. 

Walking times... 

Chikoko to Tafika: 2 hours walk OR a 10 minute walk followed by a 20 minute drive. Chikoko to Big Lagoon: 2 hours walk. Chikoko to Mfuwe Airport: 10 minute walk followed by a 2 and a half hour drive.

Big Lagoon to Tafika: 1 hour walk. Big Lagoon to Mfuwe: 50 minute walk followed by a 2 hour drive.

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