Chisa Busanga

The Busanga Plains in the northern part of the Kafue National Park, is largely under water for the first 5 or 6 months of the year, the waters then give way to an extensive game-filled savannah, rich with Lechwe, Puku, Wildebeest and plenty of Lion.

Built on a tree-island close to the centre of the Busanga Plains, Chisa has 4 bird’s nest style rooms each elevated several meters above ground giving occupants a true bird’s-eye view and a real feeling of being in the tree canopy.  The rooms themselves are on the small side but I found them to be plenty roomy enough and with a large opening / window at the front and rear of the room there was plenty of air flowing through giving it all a very fresh feel. There is a central Bedouin-style chitenge tent where guests will eat and relax between safari outings, there is also a small communal plunge-pool. 

The Busanga Plains do not really lend themselves to walking safaris so most of your activities will be in a vehicle and, like most of the Green Safaris camps, they have an electric game-viewer offering silent safaris. The Plains by their very nature are not bristling with a variety of different habitats so there is a certain sameness about the safaris but for most people 3 days spent exploring these Plains will probably not be enough and they offer an excellent contrast to what will be experienced in other parts of the Kafue as well as in the Luangwa and Lower Zambezi Parks.

For those looking for a bit of exercise whilst on safari the camp has a few e-bikes which guests are welcome to take out for a spin.  When I visited in October 2021 there was just a track circling the camp but they promise to put a mall loop in that reaches out into the Plains in front of camp which will add a certain dimension to it all and will probably be very popular, particularly in the cooler months of the season.