Chongwe House

This house is set just a couple of hundred meters up the Chongwe River from Chongwe Camp although it is run totally separately from the camp. There are 4 rooms, a main living room and beautiful outside area surrounding the pool. The architecture of this house is its most notable feature, it is quite different from anything you will have seen before, using freeform walls moulded using chicken wire hessian sacking and cement plaster, natural materials such as tree trunks are incorporated everywhere – it really is a house than should be experienced if possible.

For larger families or groups of friends travelling together this a wonderful place to book, you can chose just what activities you want to enjoy and make up your own timetable which is something that is at times not so easy to do when staying in camps with other guests.

There are now several properties similar to this throughout Zambia making it very possible to put together exclusive trips where small groups take over an entire property, Tangala in Livingstone and the Luangwa House are obvious examples but a group of 8 can also find various smaller bush-camps that could be booked on an exclusive basis.

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