Chula Camp

Tusk and Mane has two types of fully mobile camps. Whilst both are different in design, they both have a well stocked bar and seating area under canvas as well as ensuite bathrooms. The tents are very simple and light weight - a nice example of how light luxury in the wilderness can be.

The Chula Island Camp

Chula means frog in Goba - the local language in this area. It is located on the Katengahumba / Discovery Island and is Tusk & Mane's nearest site to Jeki Airfield. This island is full of hidden lagoons and open dambos, with exceptional game.

The atmosphere on chula is very different to Kutali, the area is surrounded by Natal Mahogany trees and sandy beaches, the perfect contrast to Kutali camp.

The tents used in both camps have ensuite individual bathrooms (accessible without leaving the tent), a bucket shower, flushing toilets and a washbasin with a mirror.

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