Island Bushcamp

Three hours’ drive to the south, down-stream of Kafunta Lodge is located Kafunta Safaris’ Island Bush-camp. This is what I regard as a typically traditional remote Luangwa bush-camp, there are five rooms each on raised wooden decks and made of grass and reed, the rooms are open-fronted and set overlooking the main Luangwa River. Whilst drives are possible because you will have arrived by vehicle the emphasis is on walking safaris from this camps as there are not many roads in the area. 

There really are no other tourist facilities in the vicinity of this camp so this is one of the few camps where you really will find yourself far away from any other tourists. Unfortunately the area, in the bottom part of the South Luangwa after the main river has cut its way into the Park is not the most productive in the Valley for game, this said you are still likely to have great sightings and they are enhanced by the fact that you will be sharing them with no-one. 

The en-suite bathrooms are on the same raised level as the bedrooms, there is running cold water and flush toilets but the hot water is heated and delivered to your rooms as and when you wish to enjoy a bucket shower. 

Kafunta Safaris have for a number of years worked at keeping their rates at the more reasonable end when compared with their neighbours but their recent product up-grades have resulted in their product providing excellent value for money.

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