Kanyemba Lodge

Although billed as being in the Lower Zambezi, and indeed it is, this lodge is not that close to the National Park itself. Access is typically by road from Lusaka, a journey that will take about 2 hours and finshes with a small boat trip into camp. The Lodge is set on the riverbank looking out towards the island that gave the camp it’s name.

The Lodge comprises permanent structures so it can remain open year-round, there are 9 chalets and everything blends in to the surrounding bush very well. Bridges span waterways that were created to breed fresh fish for the restaurant in camp. The owner, Riccardo is Zambian born but Italian by blood, built the camp in the late 90’s and runs it with a passion that is perhaps matched by his passion for both cooking and preserving the wildlife and habitats of the Lower Zambezi region.

It is possible to take a boat trip down-stream and to the National Park but this is quite a long way, in my opinion those staying at Kanyemba should stay close by and enjoy what the area has to offer, there is good walking on the island in front of camp and it is always a pleasure to be out on the waters of the Zambezi River.