Kuyenda Bushcamp

This traditional style bush-camp is set just south of the central Mfuwe area and is the closest of the Bushcamp Company camps to Mfuwe.  It was re-designed in 2021 and with 6 rooms is the largest of the Bushcamp Company camps, it is set close to the Mansi sand river a short distance from where it joins the Luangwa.  It gives access to a very pretty area littered with palm trees, gullies and grazing lawns that can be used for both driving and walking. 

The camp is probably only about 45 minutes drive south of Mfuwe Lodge although the transfer is likely to be done as a game-drive and will take longer, as soon as you arrive in the camp you appreciate that you have left the relatively busy Mfuwe area behind and are now really in the bush.

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