Latitude 15

This is the newest addition to the still fairly limited list of Lusaka hotels and is far and away my favourite. It is the 2nd offering from the Latitude Group who opened Latitude 13° in Lilongwe a couple of years back. It is located on a quiet street in Kabulonga - the most pleasant residential area of Lusaka.

There are 18 rooms and it is the only establishment in Lusaka that fulfils the criteria of a “boutique hotel” the service is good and above all personalised, the menu, although fairly limited is well thought out and of a high standard and prices for food and drink are really very reasonable.

The lounge and dining areas, as with all the public areas in the hotel have been enthusiastically decorated with art and artefacts everywhere, the effect is refreshing and puts any of it’s competitors to shame.

If there has been one downside to this hotel since its opening in late 2014 it would be its success! On opening it very quickly became the dining and meeting location of choice for the higher echelons of Lusaka society, management have worked hard to ensure that this does not detract from the private enjoyment of residents but none the less the place is usually quite busy.

Transfer time from the airport at about 30 minutes is much the same as to any of the other main hotels. This boutique offering has quickly become my personal destination of choice for Lusaka stop-overs.