Lolebezi is the newest addition to the small list of camps located inside the Lower Zambezi National Park, it also marks the expansion of the African Bushcamps operations in Zambia. Thorntree set a new bar when it comes to luxury in the Livingstone area and Lolebezi promises to do the same in the Lower Zambezi.

The camp is located right in the middle of the National Park just a few minutes’ drive from Jeki Airstrip at the entrance to the famed ‘Discovery Channel’, when it comes to game-viewing in the Lower Zambezi, which is quite simply world-class these days, this camp holds a prime position. There are 8 very large, carefully laid out rooms each with a verandah and plunge-pool overlooking either the river or the channel in front. Of these 8 rooms 4 of them are connected to their closest neighbour with corridors and a large living / dining rooms again with its own verandah, this means that 4 rooms are stand-alone and then there are 2 connected family units.

From the two-story central area to the stylishly rooms and the gym and spa at one end of the camp the feeling of design and symmetry with the surrounding bush is evident throughout. There will be people that complain of the large glass-fronts looking out to the river and the air-conditioned separation from the environment around you but I believe for every detractor there will be two that love it for the very same reasons.

There is no denying that Lolebezi is different from anything that has been presented in the area previously but I believe it works well and is a welcome addition to the already diverse offering to be found in the Lower Zambezi. Its closest neighbour, Chula Island, one of the Classic Zambia camps could not be more different in terms of feel and design but each camp has its own very special appeal. Never before has it been so important to match the expectations and aspirations of one’s clients to the camp that will best suit them. 

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