Luambe Camp

Luambe National Park lies on the eastern bank of the Luangwa River nestled in between the South and the North Luangwa National Parks, it certainly qualifies as one of the country’s “hidden gems”.

Your time in this Park will give you a real sense of exploration, there is only one camp in the Park and you’ll see no one other than the staff and other guests in your camp, it will be your own private piece of Africa for the duration of your stay. In line with the whole feel of your stay in Luambe National Park the camp is somewhat of a throw-back to the original days of safari in the Luangwa valley, the 4 rooms are tented and overlooking a hippo infested stretch of the river, the open-fronted central area has an earthen floor and traditionally heavy wooden chairs for your comfort be they arranged around the camp fire or the river’s edge.

Your activities from camp will be a mixture of walking and driving all overseen by your host and guide Mario himself a long-time resident of the Luangwa with stories that will bring the bush around you alive. Whilst the game in this Park is not likely to be as prolific as in its sister Park to the south there are special sights to reward guests, perhaps a large herd of Eland or a glimpse of an elusive Bush-pig. Those that make the effort to venture as far as Luambe rarely leave disappointed.