Luwi Bushcamp

Probably the camp in the South Luangwa that best puts over the feeling of remoteness, Luwi Bushcamp is one of those traditional Zambian bushcamps that we see far too few of these days. It has just 4 rooms which previously to be constructed almost entirely from natural materials, grass walls and roofs with split bamboos across the windows. However, the newly renovated rooms are now constructed with canvas, but are still equally as charming. 

The camp is nestled beneath a beautiful grove of trees close to the Luwi sand river-bed and also Luwi Lagoon, a permanent lagoon teaming with hippo and croc. Since Luwi Bushcamp is situated right in the middle of the South Luangwa National Park and a good 20kms from the main Luangwa River the presence of this lagoon has a profound effect on the area, bringing game from far around to drink from its waters. 

Since this is one of the Luangwa’s truly remote bushcamps there are only a few roads in the area and most of the game-viewing is on foot. The advantages of the camp’s location soon become apparent, the closest people to you are those at Nsolo, Luwi’s sister camp some 3 or 4 hours walk downstream. 

Typically Luwi Bushcamp is used as the first camp on a walking itinerary that will combine 2 or more of the Time + Tide bushcamps along the course of the Luwi River. It is a camp that has earned itself a favourable reputation over the years, it has changed relatively little since it was first sited in the late 80’s and is one of my personal favourites. A one or two night stay at Luwi Bushcamp is an excellent way to start off the walking part of any Zambian safari.