Mwaleshi Camp

Set on a bend in the Mwaleshi River deep inside the remote North Luangwa National Park, Mwaleshi Camp is for the safari enthusiast who wants to feel the earth beneath their feet. There are very few roads in the area and game viewing at Mwaleshi is almost all by foot, led by your camp manager / guide and an armed escort scout.

Mwaleshi is what I like to term a “proper” bush camp, it accommodates up to eight guests in four thatched reed chalets. The grass walls are low giving one that inside – outside feel and the en-suite bathrooms are simple, using natural elements wherever possible.

The gameviewing from Mwaleshi Camp is typically very good, with plenty of lions in the area and large herds of both buffalo and the endemic Cookson’s wildebeest. In my opinion when one stays in these remote walking bushcamps in Zambia the gameviewing often seems more dramatic, Maybe it’s because you are on foot, perhaps it’s because you never have to share your find with anyone else, but it is something that over the years I have certainly found to be true.

The North Luangwa and Mwaleshi Camp are not for everyone, but for those seeking a true wilderness experience in a remote and intimate safari camp, under the guidance of some of Zambia's most experienced 'bush folk', it's hard to imagine a more perfect match.

Mwaleshi Camp is operated by John and Carol Coppinger, both long time stalwarts of the Luangwa Valley, it is a 35 minute flight from Tafika, their main camp in the South Luangwa or a 45 minute flight from Mfuwe.
Day trips to Mwaleshi Falls are a treat for those guests staying a little longer. I usually recommend a stay of about 3 nights at Mwaleshi Camp which ideally would follow a week spent in the South Luangwa.

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