Nsolo Bushcamp

Set on the banks of the Luwi sand river, mid-way between its sister camps Luwi and Kakuli, Nsolo Bushcamp is another one of those great hidden treats of the Zambian bush. The site was first chosen by Norman Carr’s son Adrian back in the late ‘80’s, it has changed in design a couple of times since then and after a fire took the old camp away in 2007 it was moved a few hundred meters to its current site which is rather better than the original. 

There are 4 rooms at Nsolo Bushcamp, each individually designed, the high roofs are of thatch and the walls of combed grass set on top of a large wooden deck, the rooms have verandas and private views out across the Luwi sand river. This is an intimate camp with a romantic feel to it, as with it’s neighbour Luwi Camp, one can’t help but realise you are deep inside the National Park, and with just one road giving access you wont be bumping into any other tourists during your stay at Nsolo. 

As with Luwi, most of the game activities at Nsolo Bushcamp are centred on walking however there is a good network of roads around this camp so drives are always on offer and typically a short night drive would follow your afternoon activity. 

Historically there has been a pride of lion that use the middle stretches of the Luwi sand river as a highway so sightings from both Luwi and Nsolo Bushcamps are frequent and the nights are usually punctuated by their calls.