Old Mondoro

For a number of years this camp was a joint venture between the owners of Sausage Tree and Chiawa. The Cummings family are now sole owners of the camp and there were a few up-grades for the 2010 season as a result. This said it is not their intention to bring the camp up to the levels of comfort and sophistication enjoyed at Chiawa, this is currently the Lower Zambezi’s only ‘proper’ bush-camp and the intention is certainly to keep it that way.

There are 5 modestly sized rooms made with reed walls, interspersed with canvas panels but the overall impression is one of rustic openness. There is no generator in the camp there are solar lights in the rooms but no power to the central chitenge area adding to the sense of this being a bush camp rather than a lodge.

In many respects the area surrounding camp is more aesthetic than those further to the west around Chiawa and Sausage Tree and the game-viewing is good, this is a camp that I like to use either as the only camp in the Lower Zambezi for those on slightly tighter budgets and wanting a more rustic style camp or more frequently in conjunction with one of the larger camps to the west for guests that are looking for a longer stay in this wonderful National Park.

Old Mondoro opens at the start of May and runs only until the end of October, activities as with most other camps in the area are varied, drives, walks, canoe and boat trips are all offered. Jeki is the closest airstrip and the transfer from there will take about 30 minutes.

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