Potato Bushcamp

A fairly new addition to the small and exclusive list of properties inside the Lower Zambezi National Park, it has been built by the owners of Sausage Tree Camp and although it is just a hundred meters or so from it’s sister camp you would not know it. This proximity makes perfect sense from an operational perspective as the two camps are able to share resources and thus better cater to the needs of their guests, as guests at both camps remain essentially oblivious to their neighbours this seems to be a win win situation.

The camp, although tented is relatively contemporary in design, the rooms / tents are built on raised plinths with canvas walls and large windows, the roofs are actually metal, not that you would know it as they are entirely hidden by canvas but this ensures that the rooms are weather-proof and allows the camp to remain open through until early January each year. The rooms are very spacious indeed, as I write I’m struggling to think of a Zambian safari camp with larger rooms, each has it’s own verandah with double hammock and small plunge pool, the feel is very much of cream canvas trimmed with rosewood and it’s a look and feel that I think works very well.

There are 3 standard rooms with the 4th being a family suite hosting 2 en-suite rooms and a central sitting / dining area again with it’s own pool, obviously this unit is ideal for families as well as for 2 couples travelling together.

Wooden walk-ways join the 4 units with each other and with the central area, again this well thought out feature ensures that the camp is suitable for the early part of the rains when the ground can become muddy under foot.

The activities from this camp are similar to any other Lower Zambezi camp, the location within the Park is great for game-viewing and fishing is good in this region of the river.