Shawa Luangwa Camp

Shawa Luangwa is situated in the GMA, on the eastern-bank of the Luangwa river looking in to the park itself. The location was hand-picked by Jacob Shawa, the Head Professional Guide at camp. From camp, you can cross the river on a pontoon or boat and explore the prime game-viewing areas of the South Luangwa National Park.

There are 5 tents at the camp. Each tent has been raised above the ground on wooden stilts, and is an A-frame canvas structure. The sides flap down to allow air to flow through the room.

Keeping with the Green Safaris philosophy, the camp is 100% sustainable and run completely off-grid. They offer 'Silent Safaris', which are championed through green technology like electric boats, bikes and game drive vehicles. 

Many of their lodges are entirely run off solar farms, they utilise water reticulation and biogas systems, and they have banned zero-use plastics, among other interventions.