Shumba Camp

One of the Wilderness Premier Camps, it accommodates 12 guests in as much luxury as you are going to find in the Kafue. It is set in the central part of the Busanga Plains in the north of the Park.

The rooms are joined to each-other and the central area by raised wooden walk-ways so you quite literally don’t touch the ground when you are in and around camp. The rooms are very spacious with showers both inside and out, they have well designed sitting areas in front of each room which are also raised off the ground giving a good perspective of the plains surrounding camp.

The camp is set on one of the islands that pops up from the plains and is covered with fig trees, there are a couple of very impressive specimens here that add shade to the whole affair.

Activities are restricted mostly to driving safaris as the area, essentially one very large open plain, is not exactly ideal for walking Wilderness Safaris also operate a boat on a relatively small hippo pool not far from camp, this adds an interesting alternative perspective

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