Sindabezi Island Camp

Set on a small island about 10 minutes boat ride down stream from it’s parent camp Tongabezi, this exclusive little hide-away is the ultimate escape from the hustle and bustle of Livingstone town and the numerous activities around the Falls themselves.

Sindabezi has 5 open-fronted chalets each individually designed, the Honeymoon chalet has it’s own shaded beach in front where private meals can be taken but each of the rooms is quite special in it’s own right. The camp has been in existence since the late 90’s but it has enjoyed recent renovations and it is hard to think how this island camp could be improved upon.

Access to camp is from Tongabezi, you can be boated down-stream or choose a more leisurely approach and paddle there in canoes accompanied by your guide. Sindabezi is quite close to the Zimbabwean side of the river and the National Park that is found there so spotting buck and elephant as well as the ever present hippos on your way to the island, is a distinct likelyhood.

Brunch is invariably served on a raised deck under the tree canopy whilst dinners are set on an open sandy patch at the end of the island under the incredible African night sky. Sindabezi is a long way from any lights on either side of the river and so starry nights can be really quite impressive.

In my opinion Sindabezi Camp, when combined with a night or two at Tongabezi is ideal for those that are spending a little more time in the Livingstone area. Alternatively for anyone that is keen to keep their Livingstone experience a little more rustic, this is after all the only real “bush-camp” in the area. All the optional activities around the Falls can still be enjoyed but this will be a haven of tranquillity in which to hide away at the end of your day.