Waterberry Lodge

Ideal for the more budget conscious clients that are looking for a private lodge feel but not wanting to pay the prices associated with most of the smaller exclusive camps.

There are 7 rooms but the configuration of the camp is such that some of the brick and thatch chalets are better suited to families with a larger room and something smaller that would suit kids. There is a pool in the well maintained gardens as well as a natural inlet from the river which is excellent for birding. The central two story building contains bar and dining areas and has good views across the river as it flows past camp.

The drive from Livingstone airport is about 35 minutes and this is included in the rates, the camp, in line with it neighbours that are out of the main Livingstone town area are more activity based so walks, birding and fishing trips as well as picnic lunches and the like are all encouraged and included in the rates.

Waterberry has worked hard on its product delivery in recent years and receives consistently good reviews for its personalized attention to detail.

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