Zungulila Bushcamp

This is the latest addition to the Bushcamp Company and was opened first in 2010. Again it sleeps just 8 guests in 4 tents and again it has a very different feel to any of it’s sister camps. 

Zungulila is set up-stream on the Kapamba River from Kapamba Camp so is a little further away from the main Luangwa, this affects it’s game-viewing possibilities somewhat, although there is nowhere in this area that is not going to produce good game, as well as the vegetation – there are few large trees offering shade in the camp itself. 

The tents are set under thatch which keeps them cool and they have more windows than walls so there is good air flow. The interiors of both the tents and the central area could be accused of being “over-designed”, this was another camp to have been given the full treatment when the interior designer came visiting a few years back, but I doubt that they receive too many complaints about it. The goal was to produce a camp with a feel of Africa in yesteryear, one can be synical about such a tried and tested approach, or alternatively one can sit back, relax and enjoy it. 

There is no denying that the camp has been beautifully built, its perspective – looking out over the shallow waters of the Kapamba River, is a pleasant one and as with all of it’s sister camps this one also seems to work very well. 

The camp is open from mid-April through till early January.

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